After Advent


To begin with, a big thank you to everyone who followed along last year as I shared our little advent adventures. It was such a lot of fun and I so appreciated all your comments and enthusiasm. The idea came out of a desire to be more purposeful in our day-to-day, week-to-week lives: more purposeful both in what we did do and didn’t do. Adding both sparkle and rest to our (somewhat) crazy family life.

At the time, a few folks suggested I start a blog, which seemed silly, because there are literally* 178 billion blogs out there and what could I possibly add? Also, I haven’t got a lot of focus (hence the decision to inject some purpose people!) But the suggestion stuck with me and here we are ladies and gents. (‘Why did it take you so long?’ I hear you ask. Well it is actually kinda hard to come up with a blog name you don’t loathe. Really.) If there is any theme to this whole thing, then I guess I’d call it a photo album for my boys (big and small), with words. Given that I haven’t printed out photos since before I was married (I’m pretty sure back then it was still universally referred to as ‘developing’) I thought this was a good idea. So in the event of a fire, I’ll only need to grab my Internet (aka nothing, which makes for a much safer exit strategy).

So here we go, welcome one and all. Whether you’re here to keep up to date with us, find some inspiration or just escape a little, I hope you enjoy! Also, I apologise in advance for all the brackets. Like I said, not a lot of focus. But don’t worry, I generally find my way back.


* Yes, okay, not literally, but probably. And by probably I mean I have no idea.


  1. baraholka1 says:

    Well I will be proudly the first to like(click…there you go done) your blog…always a pleasure to see what you’ve been up to with your boys, both big and small. Love ROw

  2. marikoclair says:

    I think this is a little more than an insurance policy for your photos. What a wonderful way to express yourself and chronicle the adventures of family life. I completely agree with you about living in a purposeful way, you articulated the concept so clearly. Here’s to thinking about our actions and not just stumbling through the weeks.

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