Russian Velvet


It’s raining and foggy and I have the flu. A kick starting coffee doesn’t marry well with a day of socks, soft wool, couches and blankets, so instead, here’s my comfort drink:

Years ago, there used to be a T2 Teahouse not far from me. When my fortunes aligned and I was lucky enough to both be in the area and have a few dollars to rub together, I would stop by, ordering the same thing each time. As I write this, I am stumped as to what the name of it was, Black Russian? Russian Velvet? Black Velvet? I can’t remember, but it was incredible. Russian caravan tea mixed with hot chocolate. A smooth, soul restoring cup of everything that is right and good.

The tea house has since moved on, but I’ve tinkered around a little at home with the method to recreate it’s warm smoky goodness.


300ml milk
1 heaped tsp tea leaves*
Hot chocolate mix of your choice

Set a small pot over a low heat, and warm the milk and tea leaves together slowly. Once the surface begins to change (it will look slightly raised, with a few tiny bubbles on the edge), turn the heat off and add your hot chocolate mix. Pour through a fine strainer into your mug. Depending on the sweetness of your hot chocolate, you may want to add a little sugar.


Do you have a comfort food for days under the weather? My husbands is barbecue chicken…


*I use the T2 Russian Caravan tea leaves. I know Russian Caravan is available in the supermarkets, but T2’s really is that much better.

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  1. Flick says:

    that sounds delicious – have you tried it with other types of tea? i may have to experiment with an earl grey!! sending get well soon vibes your way, Flick x

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