Things That Matter: Would My Son Make a Good King?


Most of the time, I use this forum to talk about real stuff, like making friends, how to reset with wild kids, or living with intention. But often, bigger questions plague my mind. Things like what would the best strategy be in the event of a zombie apocalypse? (A houseboat or something similar? It’d need to be some sort of sail boat. We’d stay close to the shoreline, and have a little speedboat or rowboat I guess, to make trips. We’d go island-hopping. Feel free to pick apart my plan). Or questions like why did Nala have to go and find Simba to defeat Scar? Scar was scrawny as, and there was a whole pack of lionesses to contend with…

Well for the last 34,000 months, I’ve been reading Game of Thrones. It’s a long series, and I’ve had stuff to do at the same time, like clothe and bathe and feed my brood. Despite these trivial tasks, when I’m not reading it, it gnaws away in the back of my mind. And so it’s got me wondering would my son make a good king? My gut reaction is no. Does that sound horrid (slash a waste of an educated brain time)? I have nothing against my eldest, but… well for starters, he’s really into his stuff. And not keen on sharing. I can’t see how at this point he’d make an awfully good peacemaker. (Obviously, I’m deciding these things as if his personality isn’t fluid, otherwise this game wouldn’t work). He’s not a lover of the spotlight. He cares about being liked. He gets impatient. He gets really upset if his socks aren’t on properly.

Mind you, he’s great at talking his brothers out of their stuff… If you’re after a ruler who is ruthless about protecting his kingdom, not afraid to fight for it, and you’re keen on some territorial expansion, he’d be your guy. But bestowing grace on the commoners… I’m not so sure. I reckon there’d be some harsh punishments doled out to keep everyone in line. And favouritism on certain knights. This could go either way I suppose, resentment from some, or men working extra hard for their kings approval? Don’t get me wrong, there are a myriad of redeemable qualities my son possesses, such as an insatiable desire to learn, and being relentless when it comes to mastering new skills. He has a heart-melting fondness for sitting quietly alone with me, cuddling. He’s also getting better and better at trying new foods. But I fail to see how these add value to his royal calling.

As a mother however, I’d say it’s probably good he is the first-born, as I don’t see his brothers trying to compete with his birthright. This queen mum would go a bit mad if all her heirs started getting all axey in pursuit of the crown.

The middle brother is more than happy doing his own thing, he doesn’t mind sharing with his younger brother and leaving his older brother to his own devices. I’d say he’d be happy riding in tourneys, fighting wars, or maybe choosing another path, like some sort of healing service. He’s a pretty affectionate kid, so he could go either way. And if for some reason his older brother was to abdicate or something, he’d probably be able to do a decent job taking the reins. He’s nothing if not versatile. We may have a problem with future heirs however, given his current I don’t like girls stance…

The little one is extra savvy. He’d make a terrific counsellor/schemer/master of the coin. He’s fast on his feet, and his wits, he’s quick to learn, and sharp as a tack. He’s a bit of a wild card though. I may need a few years to really nut out his medieval path.

With three boys, we’re pretty set for our family to continue in it’s rule.

One of the common things people say when they hear we have three boys is how revered I would have been in days of old, how I’d have made a super queen. Like I need some kind of consoling. Like three boys is some horrid affliction and it would make me feel better imaging what it would have been like to be born in a different era. (Really?) Just like how voluptuous girls love hearing how they’d have been considered beautiful a few hundred years ago, (because you’re not now. Now we think you’re fat and unattractive, but those people would have liked you, oh boy if only you were born in 1556! Now don’t you feel better?) Wait, what? How did we start talking about real stuff? Back to the things that matter.



I don’t even think he’d make a fabulous modern day King. I’m comparing him to William and George now. You have to be happy for people to look at you, and take your picture and spend hours doing your duty (not building Lego). Fylnn might fit that bill. He’s a bit of a charmer.

Thankfully, however, this is one thing that matters that is (probably) only a problem for my imagination.

Right. Glad we got that sorted.

How do you imagine you or your kids would have fared? If you’re unsure, maybe Buzzfeed can help you out, here or here. P.s. I got John Snow, with decapitation being how I’d meet my maker.



  1. Bec | Mumma Tells (@mummatells) says:

    I love this! And GoT. Modern day is tough, no? Expectations for royalty, women, life… it’s a hard slog. But then I guess I’m not too sure how I’d go back then either. Quite cut throat. Literally.
    I’d me be a terrible queen. I’ve got the girl making gene. I’d be in fear of my life…

  2. maxabella says:

    I love your important ponderings. I’d like to hear your thoughts on the zombie apocalypse next… Regarding king-dom: That’s the trouble with this whole king thing. Whether he’d be good or not doesn’t come into it – he’d be in regardless. Sigh. x

    • missandmisters says:

      Haha, I’ll get right on it. Although honestly, I think I may have put in way too much time imaging the zombie apocalypse already… And you’re right on the King thing, can’t fight the inevitable I guess!

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