A Brighter Pregnancy (things I’m loving)

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Little Flowers

Delivery to my door has become a big part of my pregnant life. I get sore quickly, nerve pain, tired, cranky, and wrangling three boys and a belly out and about? Not good for any of our mental healths. Particularly when people can’t park… I actually told someone off the other day. Not like me at all, but the bigger my belly gets, the less tolerance I seem to have. Anyway. I’ve had a floral obsession through this pregnancy (and have been planting like mad), but on top of this, I love to keep a few inside too. Unlike other flower delivery services, these guys do just one bunch a day of whatever seasonal flowers catch their eye that morning. I love clicking on to see what each day offers. They have a beautiful eye for unusual combinations, and picking gorgeous flowers you won’t see outside your local grocery store. Be sure to get in early, however, as they sell out fast!


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Nectar and Stone

Do you know what these are? Chocolates! Um… amazing, right? There’s plenty of things I don’t spend money on during pregnancy, so I don’t feel too bad about the occasional indulgence and this was one of my choices. I’ve had an epic chocolate addiction this pregnancy and can’t wait for these goodies to arrive in the post. Caz from Nectar and Stone was all sold out when I went to order a couple of months back, and was off on an adventure for the month of August, so I put in my order for September early. Get in quick, these sell out fast.


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Seventh Duchess Goddess Tea

One of the things I have done religiously with each pregnancy is drink raspberry leaf tea (to help prepare for labour – it strengthens the uterine muscles, and has been shown to improve the second and third stages of labour. It’s also a great source iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium, as well as vitamins B1, B3 and E). I’ve tried all sorts over last seven years – different brands, different blends – but this tops all I’ve tried. One thing I know from experience is that I’m a lot less likely to be diligent with something if it’s no fun! I put the yumminess factor down to adding anise myrtle, fennel and fenugreek to the raspberry leaf.

(ED. I forgot to add that it’s all organic too! Major bonus points in our household!)



Go-To Exception Oil

Oh my, oh my, oh my. Seriously. Debate may be out on whether or not oil on your body during pregnancy reduces stretch marks, but with this stuff, I don’t even care. My skin feels amazing and I smell so very good to boot. I don’t just restrict this stuff to my belly either. It goes everywhere, such is its deliciousness. In fact, I’ve been using all their products for a few months now and without a moment of disappointment. They’re all petrochemical and other nasties-free, along with not being tested on animals (necessities!). But it’s the fact that they do exactly what they’re supposed to and smell so darn good at the same time that has me singing their praises to anyone who’ll listen. And the fact that they love puns. What’s not to get obsessed over?


Quick disclosure: while in no way is this a sponsored post (I genuinely love all these products, hence why I’m sharing about them and would absolutely recommend them!) in the pursuit of obtaining permission for picture use, the kind folks at Go-To Skincare (unexpectedly) went above and beyond in not only saying of course, use our pictures, but went so far as to send me a brand new tube to photograph myself. And just in time too, given my old tube had been loved to death! So a big big thanks to them.


So, do you use any of these? Anything else you’d recommend during pregnancy? Or just in general? I’m a big fan of actual real-life people spreading the word.




(All photos used were obtained with permission from Little Flowers Sydney, Nectar and Stone, Seventh Duchess Tea and Go-To respectively).


  1. Naomi Bulger says:

    Oh your pregnancy looks so much more glamorous and beautiful than either of mine were. I guess by number four you’ve learned how to get this thing right. Lovely links, thank you. X

  2. Anya says:

    I can vouch for raspberry leaf tea – it improves second and third stage (I sneezed and the baby popped out!). Oh, you are going to be one blessed mumma soon 🙂 Lots of love (and don’t feel bad about ranting – nobody touches a pregnant lady!) xoxox

  3. Sonia Life Love Hiccups says:

    Those chocolates – for real? They look far too pretty to eat… although I wouldnt say no 😉 So glad you have found so many lovely things to enjoy whilst you are so uncomfy hun. I had forgotten about the nerve pain. Rest up beautiful girl xx

  4. Alissa says:

    That sounds lovely – pregnancy is such a hard time (I’m 36 weeks at the moment myself) that making it priority to do something to make yourself feel a bit better is such a good idea.

    I don’t use any of those, but I’m trying to remember to take a few minutes to moisturise, and make up a cup of Chai tea for a minute to myself.

    • Bridie says:

      Oh Alissa – those last four weeks are a total write-off for me. I go pretty nutty! All the best for the next month and your delivery! Xx

    • Bridie says:

      It’s fantastic! Honestly, I feel like I’ve tried a zillion, and after a while, my lips end up kind of ‘addicted’ to them – as in they start to feel dry and thirsty without them. I haven’t had that with Go-To at all – I use it once or twice a day and that’s all I need. It’s awesome.

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