A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Harry :: Vanilla with chocolate cookies.

Wyatt :: Straight chocolate.

Flynn :: Mango.

Belly :: LittleĀ thief….


Oh my gosh we had a couple of sunny days last week and I could cry I am so happy about it. The relentless weeks (months?) of cold, windy rain have been heavy. That, and the end-of-term, mean some crazy feelings have been swelling and spinning like little localised tornadoes. So those few hints last week of why Sydney is so fabulous? We welcomed them with outstretched arms and giddy dances. I’ve been wearing sandals, despite having cold feet, as an act of faith, just hoping the sheer force of my will spurs the warmer days on. I can almost taste smoothie season around the corner. Hoorah! I must admit, I had very few photos to choose from this week as most of the ones I took involved naked children in the shell pool. SHELL. POOL!!! Come on. And ice-cream last week, so good! FYI, I had the mint choc-chip. Because it’s the best. Full. Stop.


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