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A random smattering of photos from the last few weeks while I’ve been hideously ill. Back to normal scheduled programming next week….

Harry :: Lately, every now and again, he’s been trying to read the bed-time story to his younger brothers. I’m overwhelmed and so proud of how far he’s come this year. Every now and then I get a glimpse into the next chapter he’s entering. I see his wit and insight and maturity. Surprisingly, I’m not mourning the young one he once was. Maybe it’s because it seems so far behind now. Maybe it’s because his younger brothers fill that role. Most likely, it’s both.

Wyatt :: Still the sweetest kid on the planet. Lately we’ve been working on his assertiveness. Speaking up and sticking up for himself. He’s the kind of kid who is more geared to taking things on the nose (which can be useful), but, of course, we also want him to be able to advocate for himself, and understand his worth.

Flynn :: I don’t know what’s happened to my baby. He looks very sweet in these photos, but his will and defiance have been kicked up a few gears lately and it’s exhausting! I have realised that our first two children have made life relatively easy on us, and lulled us into a false sense of security, thinking that a big family was totally do-able. (Of course, it is, but if all the boys were the forces of nature Flynn is, we may have been reassessing….). I’m consoling myself by saying that his attitude will serve him well later in life. That he’ll naturally veer towards standing up for himself, standing his ground, standing up for what he believes in, and harder to be swayed by misguided peers.

Belly :: Despite the lack of photographic evidence, our fourth son is doing well. He’s clearly not loving his current home, however, if the kicking, pushing and obvious need to tunnel directly through my stomach is any indication to go on. Or maybe that’s the fun part for him. Who knows. One of those things we shall never know.

I can’t remember the last time I was as ill as I’ve recently been. Perhaps never? I was in bed for eight days, except for one bad decision to try and take Harry to a hair appointment. I fainted outside the hairdressers. First time fainting! So that’s something, I guess. New experiences and all… After all the bed rest, I really only moved to couch-rest, and am only now just getting my bearings again, albeit it tiredly and with a lingering cough. Everything has been on hold (of course). The silver lining on it all was that Ivan was able to be flexible with work and spent a lot of time with the boys during their school holidays. More than he has spent with them in such a long time. Anyone with a fifo/dido/long working hours spouse will know that time with the kids can be rare, and so as horrible as I felt, I was so grateful for that opportunity all the boys had.

Hope the end to your winter has been better than mine!

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  1. Mrs W says:

    That water in the top photo looks so inviting – bring on summer!
    You poor thing, hope you’re feeling in tip-top shape now. I had the same end to our winter, I can’t remember ever being as sick as I was!

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