We are heading out of town this morning to go to a wedding, to celebrate two friends, to celebrate their decision.

On the night of my friends Hens, all the women were given a card and envelope, and asked to write a message for the bride-to-be. I had to leave early that night, so took my card with me, and now I’m sitting in the early morning light the day of their nuptials, thinking about what to say…

Ivan and I have been married almost ten years, so I should have something to offer, right? There is no magic bullet, and all relationships are different, of course, but here’s what I think is true (and what I’ve written to her):

A happy marriage, quite simply, comes down to kindness. Kindness in our words, our deeds. In the big things sure, but more importantly, in the small things, as the small moments of your days are the fabric of your marriage. It’s doing what you can to make your partners life brighter. It’s noticing someone who you see every day. It’s standing in love.

All my love to the happy couple.

Are there any solid truths you’ve found to be true in relationships?