1 & 2/52






A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Harry :: (and Arlo) Love.

Wyatt :: Storytelling from my now five year old (it goes too fast!)

Flynn :: (and Arlo). Babe gets first hellos after naps now.

Arlo :: Two for good measure. Because (hello) delicious.


Nothing more darling than my darlings. Especially this last guy. It feels wrong to write that, but although I love them in equal measure, there’s just something intoxicating about newborns. I am obsessed. Can there be two of me? One for all the adventures, lying in the sun, drawing, laughing, getting frustrated with, cuddling, and choosing peace with my older three boys, and then another, just for Arlo. To soak in and hold tight and just breathe in all day long.


(Linking up with Jodi, from Practising Simplicity).