A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Harry :: All about the Lego.

Wyatt :: Up to the highest heights.

(& Flynn) Just divine.

Flynn :: Council clean up batmobile

Arlo :: Still hopelessly obsessed.


(Okay, so I thought I published this like a week and a half ago… clearly, I did not. Any extra moment is all baby all the time.)

Marvel at the slackness that is me. I put these few pictures together over a week ago, never posted, and now I’m going over them thinking, was that really only just a few moments ago? It really was. And it was a lifetime. It’s all so slow and so fast and everything all at once. These are the things I’m feeling all the more right now, as Wyatt started school today (more on this with 5&6/52). Oh, and yes, I’m well aware that Arlo’s getting more screen time. Without question my boys are all equally adored, but he sits still more, and back chats slightly less (kidding!). But seriously, I am unapologetically head over heels with this guy, and could breathe him in all day long. I am bursting, so witness the overflow.


(Part of The 52 Project).




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